AR15 Receiver Set

AR15 Billet Receiver Set
Dimensional correct, taken from Colt AR15 Receiver Set.
Models are tested and proven, ready for CNC.
Models also available in STEP/IGS file format as well as original SolidWorks Source Files.

  • David Rogers

    this is awesome can you email me the original solidworks parts file / source file thanks!!

    • David Rogers

      please and thank you kindly!

      • Nathan F.

        David: e-mail sent.

  • Brian Nallin

    Wow! This site is awesome! Would you please send me the original Solidworks parts file/source file for the AR15 as well as the .308 receiver set? Again, awesome site!

  • Arturo G Aguilar III

    Nathan F.
    I’m very impressed, Amazing work.. Would it be possible to get a copy of the AR-15 receiver set. The SolidWorks Source / parts files.
    Thank You Kindly. Art

  • alettoco

    Can you please email me your AR15 Lower print files along with the Solidworks file? This is great!

  • William goss

    NathanF These are awsome can I please get the soildworks files? Thanks a bunch!

    • Nathan F.

      William: e-mail sent.

  • vincentr01

    Hi, can you please e-mail me the SolidWorks files??

    • Nathan F.

      Vincent: e-mail sent.

  • Donald Leatherwood

    Can you email me the SolidWorks files as well? Thanks!

  • chris rose

    I’d like the Solidworks files please?

  • Eric Hinds

    May I also get the solid works files to this superb example of an upper and lower. Thanks

    • Nathan F.

      Eric: e-mail sent.

  • Charles R Watson

    Hi Nathan. Can you please email the Solidwoks files for the AR15 Upper and Lower. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Kenneth George

    If you could email a Solidoworks parts file that would be great

    • Nathan F.

      Kenneth: e-mail sent.

  • Tj Hill

    can you please email the Step/IGES

    • Nathan F.

      Tj: e-mail sent.

  • JimT

    Fantastic!!! Would you please send me the original Solidworks parts file/source file for the AR15 and .308 receiver set? This is a great!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nathan F.

      Jim: e-mail sent.

      • Ludwig Moser

        Could you send me those files too? Including the bold&carrier?
        Awesome work Nathan!!

  • Joberto Lee

    Could you send me the solidworks parts files for the AR15 Billet receiver set? Thanks!

  • Kevin

    Can you send IGS or Step files. Working with the model in Fusion 360

  • rblain82

    Can you please send me the solidworks models as well??

  • Vulcan1

    I would like to purchase these designs again. I did this a couple of years ago and have lost the files for the cad cam when my computer crashed. I have a small shop and want to make these in 80%. Please contact me as we are ready to move forward. Thank you in advance for contacting me C

    • Nathan F.

      Chris: e-mail sent

  • Jason Savage

    We would love the solidworks model if possible

    • Nathan F.

      Jason: e-mail sent.

  • Asgard

    would greatly appreciate the SLDPRT files for the upper and lower if possible. Thank you!

  • Vladimil Santana

    Hola Nathan, que tal como anda todo? Favor de contactarme cuando tengas una chance (, espero que tengas Buen Día…

  • Brian Hamm

    Can I get the .igs and .sldprt thanks.

    • Nathan F.

      Brian: e-mail sent.

  • Wayne Crampton

    Hi, would it be possible to get an IGES or STEP copy of these parts?

  • nicola de monte

    Hi Nathan, I would like to purchase, if it’s possible, all the set of AR15 models, in Solidworks format. Tell me what to do, please. Tank you for your work in advance. Nicola.

  • Brock

    How do we get the native SolidWorks .sldprt files?

  • Benjamin Flores

    could I also get the native SolidWorks .sldprt files?

  • Greg Allen

    Hey Nathan, beautiful models, was wondering if i could get the STEP/IGS file format for these models?
    Thanks, David

  • Greg Allen

    Hey Nathan, my email is:
    Thanks, David

    • Nathan F.

      David: E-mail sent.

  • Jason Acheson

    You should CNC these receiver sets as an 80% lower and sell them for those of us that don’t have access to a CNC, they would sell like hot-cakes.

    • Nathan F.

      Jason: e-mail sent.

  • Andrew Hoover

    Hey Nathan, could you email me the original SolidWorks files?

    • Nathan F.

      Andrew: e-mail sent.

  • Justin

    Could I get a .IGS or STEP file for this model. Thanks Nathan!

    • Nathan F.

      Justin: e-mail sent.

  • John Stewart

    looking for step models for the upper and lower could you email them to me please? Thank you in advance.

  • Thefixer Ishere

    Hi Nathan,

    can i please get the solidworks files for the parts for the AR15/16/308 stuff, thanks in advance

  • Brandon J Johnson

    Nathan, Great work here! Could you send me the soldworks files for this and the bolt carrier group?

    • Nathan F.

      Brandon: e-mail sent.

  • Casey Husband

    Nathan: I’m a student trying to learn solidworks. Could you send me the upper and lower receiver solidworks files for the AR-15 so I can look at them and try to learn the techniques? Thank you, it’d be greatly appreciated.

    • Nathan F.

      Casey: e-mail sent.

  • Randy Miller

    Nathan, Great work here! Could you send me the soldworks files for this and the bolt carrier group?
    Thank you!

    • Nathan F.

      Randy: e-mail sent.

  • Steve

    Hi, Could I get the sldpart Files of this set? Thanks,

    • Nathan F.

      E-mail sent.

  • Josh Meese

    Can you please send me this set and the gen II .308 receiver set as STEP files?

    • Nathan F.

      Josh: e-mail sent.

  • Zachary Buendia

    may I please get the stl files @ . Thank you so much

    • Nathan F.

      Zachary: e-mail sent.

      • Zachary Buendia

        Nathan F. Got email but did not see any files am I missing something sir

  • stretch.kerr

    Hi, I’m interested in the Soldworks files. Can you email me the details?