M16 Bolt

M16 Bolt
Dimensional correct, taken from Colt M16 Bolt.
Models are tested and proven, ready for CNC.
Models also available in STEP/IGS file format as well as original SolidWorks Source Files.

  • catapulta

    Hi, where can I download the original Solidworks file?

  • Eric Hinds

    Nathan, can I also get all the available files for your bolt design. I apologize for asking for everything on the site.

  • Your Planet Is A Toilet

    Hello Nathan, Outstanding source site. I’m right now a novice to CAD/CAM. Back in the day I assembled complete M-16’s from easily available parts, thoser days long gone, so I’m studying this option.
    Do these drawings come with the CNC instructions to run/instruct the mill/lathes? Or is that the STEP/IGS files I see everybody requesting? I too apologize for the burdensome questions like the guy below me, but could I too request those STEP/IGS files for the lowers, uppers, bolt, bolt carriers, etc. and whatever else?
    I’m 70 y.o. and on retirement funds but I would be more than appreciative to cut loose a donation if you accept such. thanks

    • http://www.youtube.com/SSIDesigner Nathan F.

      Thanks for your words, e-mail sent.