Right now Chile is going trough the worst forest fire in history. Sadly on the 27th Jan the fire took out everything we had, our homes, our belonging, right now me, my family and my parents are homeless.
I have started up a campaign in order to rebuild, describing with a more detailed what’s going on:
If you found the info and prints we have here useful, please donate and share this info in your network, any donation, as small as it could be, is most welcome.
Thanks everyone for your help, I have a lots of models and prints coming soon (The ones that got most requested, as DPMS GEN2 .308, and a new CAD Video for the upper), and hope to get real soon back to modeling, but we really need your help.
Thank You in Advance.
Nathan F.

  • Will Morris

    @nathan_ssi:disqus Nathan, I went to donate on the gofundme page but it gave me an error, it said something like “There’s a problem and we’ve tried contacting the organizer of this group, please let him know we have tried contacting him”. Not sure if you are aware of the problem. Hope it gets resolved, I will check back, my heart goes out to your family for their loss.

    • http://www.youtube.com/SSIDesigner Nathan F.

      Thanks for your information, I just realized that I needed to update some info and now it’s working again. Thanks again for your words and support

  • Thefixer Ishere

    how are things in Chile now? we’re getting pounded with cyclones at the moment, one gone and another one on its way in NZ

    • http://www.youtube.com/SSIDesigner Nathan F.

      Things are better now, thanks