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  • andrĂ©

    Good evening to all the team.
    Super job done on the AR10 file small supposition per account, there you are in dxf or Delcam CADCAM for or by gcode Cnc Machine … !!!
    Greetings to the whole team, thank you.

  • Your Planet Is A Toilet

    Sorry to hear about your fires problem. I will help on that as I can when I get my check next month. We’re burning here in California too, very bad, 3500 homes and some 30+ deaths. My daughters just escaped on the edge of one of the big burns.
    I have a lame question to ask and another parts question:
    1) What is this difference between Gen I and Gen II DPMS (whatever that means), and:
    2) Do you have any M-16 trigger group dimensions/drawings (hammer, trigger, sear, selector, etc.) as those parts are impossible to locate/buy. Are the AR/M/.308 trigger groups interchangeable?
    Great choice going Discus and on top of everything THANK YOU. I pray you and your family recover soon. I hope you at least were able to save family memories, photos, animals and things that can’t be replaced.